Monday, September 3, 2012

It's Time for Technology

My name is Ms. Amato and I am teacher helping to infuse technology into our everyday classrooms. I work with students from 1st-5th grade in Woodbine Avenue, Avenel Street, Lynn Crest, and Oak Ridge Heights School. This year we will explore all sorts of adventures using technology from blogs, interactive websites, webquests, Polyvision boards, and much more.

25 Most Common Problems Your Students Will Face

Here is a great post I found from another tech teacher. There are 25 problems that stump students (and teachers) most often when they use the computer. They’re questions like, ‘My sound doesn’t work’ or how about ‘I deleted that and didn’t mean to’? Does that sound familiar? These 25 problems account for 70% of the issues that make students unable to use the computer for whatever they’re trying to accomplish. If they can solve these, they are much more independent and the tech experience much more authentic.