Thursday, January 14, 2016

Do you wanna build snowman?
Get ready to build a wacky, wild snowman

Click on the picture above and begin bedazzling 

him from head to toe

Choose a hat, clothes, accessories, and the location of his choice

Not every snowman wants to be in a snowy wonderland....maybe yours wants to visit a sunny beach!
Then, use your all your knowledge about adjectives to write a descriptive poem about your snowman
With some shiny buttons and a cozy scarf
I bet he doesn't mind smiling in a chilly city street!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Website Recommendation - Butterfly Life Cycle

Check out this great website on the butterfly life cycle by clicking the link below. Explore through each stage from egg to adult. Great for grades 2 and up. Third graders, please take down some fun facts from each stage for our Life Cycle PowerPoint.

Making a Bar Graph

Fifth graders have been learning how to use excel in various ways. We can't believe all the possibilities! One of our favorite new skills we learned last week was how to make a bar graph simply by adding our own data into the spreadsheet. Let's keep practicing, but this time with our own responses. Click on the survey link below and choose one answer for each question. Then, pick one survey question and transfer the results into Excel yourself. Good luck!