Monday, September 5, 2016

Welcome Back!

Welcome back kiddies, techies, new students, old friends, and anyone else who stumbled upon my blog! Can't believe it is the start of the new school year already. AHH! Let's breathe, we can do this! Some new things to share and update you all with before we get started on a fun and exciting new year...

1. I got married (woo hoo!) My new name is Mrs. Williams

2. I will be at the same two schools, but the days are a little different - Monday - Wednesday - Friday afternoon at School 9 and Tuesday -Thursday- and Friday morning at school 4/5.

3. Look forward to receiving new account info as soon as I get it. That includes typingace for fourth graders, google accounts for 3-5 (possibly new passwords so don't worry if yours didn't work over the summer), and 2-5 will receive study island again when it is ready.

Ok, now that we are all caught up let's share some news. Post anything exciting you did over the summer, any good books you read, and/or something you really want to learn or look forward to doing this year in computer class.

Let's have a terrific year! Remember our School 9 slogan ...

Mouse Practice!