Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Newspaper Final Issue

I want to first thank my amazing and dedicated newspaper club members, Josais, Reema, and Keertana for all their hard work this year. They worked as a great team and together kept school 4/5 up to date on some amazing news and eye catching articles. I wish them the best of luck in middle school. Although I will miss you three dearly, I know you will go on to do great things!

In the final June issue, our fellow newspaper writers left readers with a riddle that may have left many of you stumped. However, if you feel you've solved the mystery, post your answer below with your initials and class (ex: 5M, 4G, 3Scott...) and I will let you know if you were right. 

Until next year...  "4 &5 Era"


  1. The electric room because in the beginning It said there is no power. So, that means you won't be shocked by anything you touch.
    ES 3K

  2. the electric room because the building has no power.
    ebk 4G

  3. I would go to the first room. I would go there because since the power is out, then electrical objects won't affect you. So, you will be safe there. Also, you could reboot the school.

    -Aman 4g

  4. the electrical room because you could reeboot the school.


  5. I would go into the electrical room because in the beginning of the riddle it was mentioned that there is NO POWER!!! Electricity runs through power meaning that if there is no power,there is no electricity. If there is no electricity I won't be shocked!
    -Jessica Joseph, Mrs.Perez's class

  6. Excellent job guys!! You all are correct!

  7. I cant wait to have so much fun this year in fourth grade with you!

  8. cant wait to do power point.